NEU Team

Peter Cesar

Visionary. Architect. Surfer. "Don't complicate!"


Iztok Lampič

Workaholic. Propulsive. Persistent. Gym-goer.



Nedeljka Soprenić

Lively. Accurate. Young, just before retirement. 


Luka Veselić

Fast. Complaisant. Ambitious. ''Maša, I have your pen.'' 


Vladka Zovko

Outgoing. Girl from the office. Creative. Single.

Social media

Klemen Skubic

EntrepreNEUrial. Jolly. He does not like being called a cook.

House chef

Lia Nyah Zor Kastelic

Thorough. Always ready to help. Dog mamma. 

NEU brand ambassador

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Adults: , Children:

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