Green Key – sustainable operations

NEU Residences proudly holds the Green Key certificate, which stands for the highest standard of excellence in environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the hospitality industry. It represents our commitment to fulfilling the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

By obtaining the Green Key label, we have undertaken to operate sustainably in all areas. We encourage our guests to become a part of this story and follow our example by promoting green and sustainable operation. We also continue to look for new solutions that will help us responsibly manage natural resources and efficiently use power and heat. Sustainable operation starts with individuals. It consists of actions that do not require much effort, only conscious decisions. Small acts can lead to big changes and shifts if undertaken by everyone.

Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism

We also proudly signed the Slovenian Green Tourism Policy, adopting 10 principles of sustainability and pledging to operate sustainably and continue striving for improvements.

  1. Slovenia Green is rooted in pristine nature and determination to keep it that way. It is closely integrated in the I feel Slovenia brand as an experiential promise that reflects the mission of Slovenian tourism of going forward with nature, and supports the vision of green small-scale tourism.
  2. We are aware that the success of the tourism industry in Slovenia depends on the credibility of our green image. The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism has been developed with the aim of promoting sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia and encouraging all stakeholders to operate responsibly.
  3. We assure you that we fully satisfy all the requirements of the Slovenian environmental law, which is based on the relevant EU legislation, while also meeting global and European criteria for destinations and providers.
  4. We fulfil the criteria laid down in global and European sustainable management policies for destinations, and hold selected international environmental certificates proving our commitment to environmental responsibility.
  5. The SLOVENIA GREEN label is a guarantee for guests that the destination, provider or partner carrying it operates sustainably and is committed to improving the sustainability of its operations.
  6. We encourage our guests to act respectfully and responsibly towards the natural and social environment in Slovenia.
  7. We are aware of the huge impact tourism has on the social and economic landscape of the destination, and have been actively involving the local community and developing tourism that benefits all.
  8. We advocate for even distribution of tourist arrivals across seasons and regions, and respect the capacities of the space. We follow the trends and understand the importance of introducing green innovations and technology, and sustainable architecture.
  9. Since distances in Slovenia are short, and the country is conveniently located on the crossroads of important transport routes, and because nature is never far, we encourage sustainable mobility.
  10. We want our visitors to enjoy in the landscape and biotic diversity of Slovenia, and subsequently our operations, range of services and communication aim to highlight what is most exceptional, authentic and local in our environment.


Water is our most valuable natural resource

Water in Slovenia is drinkable and of the highest quality. We all try to use it rationally, so future generations can enjoy the same quality of life as us. That is why we turn off taps and do not waste water when brushing our teeth, showering, washing the dishes or cleaning.


We try to use natural resources and energy efficiently, and do not emit substances that burden the ecosystem in the environment. That is why we only change towels at our guests’ request. If you want your towels to be changed every three days, leave them on the bathroom floor. That way our housekeeping staff will know to change them.


We try to use natural resources and energy efficiently, and do not emit substances that burden the ecosystem in the environment. That is why we only change the bedding at our guests’ request. If you want your bedding to be changed, leave the dedicated cube on the bed. That way our housekeeping staff will know to change the bedding.

Constant temperature

Temperature in the apartments is always set at 22 °C. We implore our guests not to change the temperature in the apartment by more than +/- 3 °C. This will prevent unnecessary energy consumption. We also ask you to turn off the heating or cooling when you open the windows.


We carefully sort our waste. Every apartment has a bin for mixed waste in the bathroom, and bins for packaging and organic waste in the kitchen. Bins for glass and paper are available in common areas. We do not use single-use plastic packaging. All our packaging is recycled and rapidly degradable. We encourage our staff and guests to use packaging from sustainable materials to reduce unnecessary waste.

Rational electric power consumption

We ask our guests to turn off the lights and appliances when leaving the apartment to help us optimize energy consumption for a better tomorrow.

Green mobility in the green destination

Ljubljana and Slovenia are green destinations. There are several sustainable means of transport available for moving around our green destination. You can explore Ljubljana on foot, on BicikeLJ city bikes (ask about the docking stations network at the front desk), on rented electric scooters and on methane-powered city buses. You can also rent an electric car.

Ljubljana and its surroundings have plenty of green spaces, parks, footpaths and forest trails:

Golovec, Mostec with Rožnik, Tivoli, Orle hill, Brunarica Strmec, Bizovik, Rašica, Ljubljana Castle, Botanical Gardens, Gobavica near Mengše, Iški vintgar gorge, Pekel gorge, Borovnica, Stari Maln, Vrhnika.

Discover the rich natural and cultural heritage

Slovenia and Ljubljana have rich natural and cultural heritage. You can find presentations of Slovenian nature parks here, and information on all protected areas on this link.

Select sustainable activities

Slovenia is a sustainable destination. Find out more and explore sustainable and green activities here.

We respect each other and promote equality and equity

NEU Residences has zero tolerance to any intolerance, racism and xenophobia; we have created a friendly work place for all our employees and a welcoming environment for our guests.

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